Webamp on desktop

Just like the original, now on your Mac, Windows or a Linux!

🔊 Playback with equalizer

Full playback support with working equalizer. Drop files into the playlist to queue them. Export/import your EQ settings.

💅 Skin support

Compatibility with any .wsz skin written for the Winamp 2.9. Load any classic Winamp skin just by dragging it onto the main window. Transparency supported!

Webamp screenshot on Windows

🔨 Separate windows support

All three windows can be used separately. You can move them, close them, or use the "shade" mode to take up less space.

🔮 More stuff is coming soon!

There is more coming like the milkdrop 2, support for multiple displays, automatic updates, media keys support...

Windows 64-bit installer

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MacOS 64-bit .dmg

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Linux 64-bit .AppImage

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Made by Jakub Duras. Based largely on the work of Jordan Eldredge.